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Are Men Born Sinners

The Myth of Original Sin
By Alfred T. Overstreet

Softcover, 275 pages
Price: $19.95 + $3.50 Shipping & Handling

ISBN 10: 0964483203
ISBN 13: 978-0964483200
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As the serpent deceived Eve, even so, "that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan" (Revelation 12:9) continues to teach lies and deceive men.

The big lie of the Devil is the lie that God created men with a sinful nature; that they are born condemned and under the wrath and curse of God for the sin of Adam; and that because their very nature is sinful it is impossible for them to obey God and live without sin. The book Are Men Born Sinners shows that this doctrine is false.

This book shows who started the idea of original sin, its awful slander on God's character, and its total inconsistency and opposition to the Bible and all its fundamental teachings.

Every Christian should read this book!

Table of Contents

  • Part One: Examining the Doctrine of Original Sin
    • Are Men Born Sinners?
    • Proof-texts used to support the doctrine of original sin
    • The origin and history of the doctrine of original sin
    • The Bible doctrine of sin
  • Part Two: Answering the Christian's Objections
    • Objections answered
    • How a false doctrine could persist so long
  • Part Three: Implications of a False Doctrine
    • Thirteen reasons why the doctrine of original sin is false
  • Part Four: Insurmountable Problems of a False Doctrine
    • The great problem of original sin
    • Original sin makes God inconsistent and imperfect
    • Jesus was a man
    • Can Christians live without sin
    • God hates false doctrine
  • Appendices
    • The nature and attributes of sin
    • The "age of accountability"
    • The rational moral nature of man
    • The Bible and man's rational moral nature
    • Temptation: the occasion of all sin
    • The folly of taking texts out of context
    • Bible texts can be used to prove lies
  • Anthology
    • Excerpts from Charles G. Finney's Sermons on Gospel Themes
    • Excerpts from Charles G. Finney's An Autobiography
    • Excerpts from Charles G. Finney's Lectures on Systematic Theology
    • Excerpts from Henry C. Sheldon's System of Christian Doctrine
    • Excerpts from Moses Stuart's Commentary on Romans
    • Excerpts from Albert Barns' Notes on the Epistle to the Romans